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Fireplaces and fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor entertainment space. They can provide warmth and extend the life of a party as well as extend the use of your patio into the fall and winter seasons. Earthworks Landscaping in River Falls and Hudson, WI has years of experience creating outdoor fire features that will not only enhance your existing landscape but complement it as well.


A fire pit makes the garden a nighttime destination. Tell stories, roast s’mores, or wrap up with a loved one and watch the stars – however you like to enjoy an outdoor fire, having one in your backyard is one of life’s simple luxuries.

A step up from just making a ring of stones is to invest in a basic metal pit, which helps to keep things safe. They aren’t expensive and some have a wonderfully simple design that brings a style to your patio, besides serving as a focal on cool fall nights.


Outdoor fire pits aren’t exclusively for warmth and gathering around – they can be used for pure ambiance as well. They make a great nighttime focal point to light up the landscape in place of, or together with, an outdoor lighting scheme. Just make sure the flames are placed safely in the landscape – you can’t burn anything down in a pool, for example!


A deck with a view is a natural place to want a fire pit. However, the potential for high winds is great, which is a dangerous combination on a wooden deck. For this situation, a gas fire pit is in order – it looks completely real but there are no embers to blow around in the wind.

Gas-powered fire pits open all sorts of possibilities that are not available with wood. The downside is that you have to install a propane tank and gas lines, which can get costly, but the upside is their ease of lighting and no need for wood. Plus, they come in some really stylish configurations like a strip pit, as well as circular, wall-mounted, pyramidal, and many other artistic configurations.

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