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Get Cooking in an outdoor kitchen

Earthworks Landscaping in River Falls and Hudson, WI is a leader in outdoor kitchen design. Our designers understand how to create a functional space that you can enjoy while gathered with friends and family. Just imagine it’s a warm 82 degree evening, you are flipping burgers behind your gas BBQ grill watching the sun go down. Your friends sit at the bar overlooking your gorgeous backyard landscaping. The kids are playing in the swimming pool and “Chicken Fried” has got everyone singing along. Sounds fun right!?

Why is the outdoor kitchen often the first thing cut from the budget? Well, obviously they can be a large part of your outdoor living budget from a money perspective. Consider the memories that can be made while sharing food and drink. Think about all of the time you have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. What is the one thing that always brings people together? Food. Where is the one place everyone gathers? The kitchen. Why not consider building a fully functional outdoor kitchen that has it all. BBQ gas grill, rotisserie smoker, refrigerator, sink, storage, trash bins, side burners, or a wine cooler? The more space for prep the better and don’t forget the bar top counter!

But you don’t have to go over the top with your outdoor kitchen to enjoy grilling and chilling with friends and family. Earthworks Landscaping in River Falls and Hudson, WI can design a simple countertop alongside your existing BBQ grill, pellet grill or kamado-style smoker. Even if it is a small countertop side table next to your grill with a place to hide your propane tank, it will turn an otherwise ordinary grill into something beautiful and functional. How often do you step out to the grill with a platter of burgers or chicken with no place to set anything? Think about adding these inexpensive elements to your outdoor living space to make your life easier.

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