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In order to provide you with the best experience possible, we have made ourselves available for free virtual consultations to further discuss your unique St. Croix Valley landscape project.

We’ll connect via Zoom where you can show us around your property, learn more about our innovative building techniques, we can provide more information about specific elements or features, and review different options for pavers and other materials. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to fill out our Instant Online Estimator Tool before booking your consultation to help us set a budget to create your dream outdoor space.

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There are several options available to you in order for us to best serve your needs. We have built a free online estimator tool that incorporates all of the areas of a “free estimate”. This option will give you a sense of what you can get within your landscaping budget…or, if you have no idea what landscaping costs, it will get you “in the ballpark” to start thinking about what is possible on your property. When you complete this easy 5-minute questionnaire, you get an instant estimate sent to your email.

To give you a proper project quote, first we need to develop a scope of work. To make a fair assessment of your wants and needs, first we need to meet (either virtually or in-person) to be sure that your project is something we can feasibly help you with. The only way to offer an honest proposal is to initiate a landscape design with which we can do a detailed “take-off” to create a working budget.  If you are not ready to commit to any of our landscape design options, we are more than happy to meet with virtually to further discuss your project.


Many landscape companies gift free design as their foot-in-the-door offer, simply considering it a cost of doing business. Ask yourself, what value is a free landscape design from a company that doesn’t value their own creativity? Don’t let the “free” design they offer fool you into thinking that you are getting some kind of deal. Trust that these companies will recoup that time spent in some way, albeit indirectly, costing you in the long run anyway.

By hiring a landscape designer, you not only add to the look of your house, but can also add to the value of your property. An eye-catching lawn and garden is an important factor when establishing your home’s individuality and uniqueness in the neighborhood. A well thought out landscape design not only captures your personal style and aesthetic, but it also becomes an extension of your home. Take a closer look our landscape design options and set up a virtual consultation if you want to learn more.